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Jorge A. Barriere-Mendez

Jorge A. Barriere-Mendez was born in Cuba and was raised in Brooklyn, New York. 

He studied Literature and Philosophy and has published three earlier books: Vacuity in 2003, Shadowboxing in 2015 and Out of the Woods - An Applied Theory of Self in 2016. The first two were collections of short stories and the last one was a quest to find reality, find authenticity and become fearless.

Jorge A Barriere-Mendez has published his latest work, Papi's Lover, a crime-drama love story. The setting is the bustling streets of New York of the 80's and it takes a fictional look at the underworld of crime using “La Bolita” and all of its variants, including the criminal enterprise known as The Corporation, as backdrop. It seeks to expose a sexist culture and all the collateral damage that it leaves in its wake.  

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