papi's lover, a crime-drama love story


Papi's Lover

The wake of an important underground boss is dramatically upended when his strong-willed and independent lover reveals herself to the family.  She has to fend off the next of kin and eventually a confrontation between wife and lover ensues, but an old debt with the wrong people forces everyone into an uncomfortable alliance in order to prevent dire consequences.

Papi's Lover, the novel, is a different kind of love story; a gritty work of urban ealism that will take us through a whole amut of emotions. The setting is the bustling streets of Washington Heights, New York in th 80s. The atmophere is one of dangr an fascination, of illegal activities and rawness.

But the novel is much more than a love story; it's a deconstruction of a sexist cuture, an examining of the destruction that a chauvinist paradigm leaves in its wake. The pace is intense, the scenes carefully drawn and crafted, the process is relentless, the ending is inexcusable and, yet, so perfect.

out of the woods, an applied theory of self

Out of the Woods, An Applied Theory of Self

I stand here with a difficult task:  to propose and to discuss and Applied Theory of Self that saved my life. Let me say that again - saved my life.

I wish someone else had written it thirty years ago and placed it in my hands. It would have been a life with less heartache and headaches. A better, fuller life.

And so, this is why I am here: I am here to say that the reality you see it's not real. I'm here to say that those words you speak and those acts you author, are not yours. I'm here to say that life is not out there as you have been taught, but inside of you and that it is yours. 

I'm here to say that all that exists and will ever exist is now, here, right now. That it will always be NOW. I'm here to say that this is your movie, that this is your life, and I'm here to ask: what it is about? Your movie - what is it about? 

The question is not what is about during, but what is it about at the end? I'm here to say that that decision you make right now, you are always making RIGHT NOW! I'm also here to say that I am not going to get metaphysical on you. Not religious. Not even philosophical I'm here to say that if you wish you can see what I am about to say in a spiritual way, but it's not a requirement. I'm here to say that it is  all about fears, that if you know and learn about fears you will know all that there is to know about you and about man. I'm here to point the way to authenticity, and to point the way "out of the woods". You must do the heavy lifting and the walking yourself because this is your journey. This is your life. This is your movie. I'm here to ultimately ask: at the end of this movie of yours, what is it going to be about? 


shadowboxing, a short story collection



​A short story collection conceived out of a life-long intuition: know fear, with all of its versions and manifestations. and one will know man. The collection is a dissertation of fears. It is ten years of accumulated story telling, in itself, a postulation that reflects the many changes in the life of a writer.

Section One is the process that one particular man undertook to get to authenticity; an inner-dialogue about existence, dying, and love, only to find himself at the end alone and facing his own image in a bathroom mirror.

Section Two is a compilation of short stories about the daily-ness of fears and the many ways in which they creep into our lives, deciding and acting for us.

Section  Three is an adventure story, a change of pace, an imagined and new beginning for mankind. Or perhaps, not!

vacuity, a novel of short stories


What if one, on any important day, discovers an entity that is immersed in fear and loneliness and yes, insanity. But then, one becomes aware that it all comes from it connectedness, with the intimacy that he shares with himself... this is the genesis of his neurosis and his schizophrenia. He is incapable of compromising for he needs to know what every twitch, every interior tic means. He deems this his mission, and he puts all that is commonly accepted on hold while he investigates. What if one is fortunate enough to meet him that cannot be a Him, for he lacks that that we all have - inconsequential commonness.... What if one can meet him?



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